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There are many companies that offer ready built websites for ecommerce and just about any other application. Most are cost effective and relatively easy to use. However, once you begin to scratch the surface, many find that limitations exist. Further, customization beyond certain basic aesthetics may prove to be difficult if not impossible. Our experience is that companies would prefer to grow their business rather than spend valuable time on web development. For the purpose of this little essay, we will refer to companies that offer ready made solutions as the fictional ABC Company.

We suggest that, after you decide to take the step of creating (or revamping) a website, you explore as many options as possible. Your needs may be such that a basic ecommerce platform offered by the ABC Company for $79.99 a month is the perfect solution and will serve your needs for many years to come. It is always prudent to think of what might happen in the future. What if your company grows so fast that you find that the product entry method (or the import interface) is too time consuming? Worse yet, cannot be adapted to possible new ways you want to present them to your client base? What is your exit plan if the ABC company goes out of business OR if they change the platform you are no longer able to effectively utilize OR they change the rate structure so it is no longer cost effective for you? Also be aware of additional fees beyond a base rate. There are always credit card transaction fees, but are you getting a competitive rate? Are there any caps on the amount of bandwidth or disc space you use? If not, are there any overage fees?

Maybe that basic $79.99 plan is offering more than you need or think you will ever need? If so, you may end up paying more in the long run. In that case, basic, static site may be all you need for starters. With a minimal amount of upfront cost an informative and visually appealing site can be created. Recurring costs would be primarily in the form of monthly servers charges for the site and email if desired. Down the road, should you decide to change how you conduct business, you can always get that basic plan or expand on what has already been developed.

Now what if the $79.99 plan falls short of what you need right now or in the future. Don't despair, the ABC Company has silver, gold and platinum plans that go beyond the basics. While these all will provide additional bandwidth, space and features none can offer complete customization. While every company is unique from the start this only increases over time and even more as business increases and technology advances. In defense of ABC, they do a terrific job, offer a good value and are reliable. However, if your needs will eventually go beyond the basics, then read on.

American-Digital understands that every company is unique. That said, our goal is to work closely with you and provide a finished product that you, your staff and clients will find productive and useful. It all starts by learning what you do and where you want to go. Once we have an understanding, we will work closely with you in determining what exactly you would like us to do.

We understand that our job is not to tell you to run your business. We may, however, suggest approaches that differ slightly from what you may have first envisioned. Why would we do such a thing? Well, we won't if you insist, but part of our job is to provide great results without making clients pay a kings ransom. We can help achieve this by not constantly reinventing the wheel. By properly implementing already proven code we can save you on development costs.

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