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American-Digital provides innovative and comprehensive eBusiness solutions to all types of companies including emerging Internet businesses. We aim to deliver state of the art, cutting edge solutions to companies that want more for their Information Technology investment. We combine extensive technical expertise with strategic consulting and creative design services to enable our clients to capitalize on the communications power and transaction efficiency of the Internet. Since 1998, we have demonstrated our ability to develop eBusiness solutions that make our clients happy, revenue-wise, and in terms of efficient operations.

Our vast and extensive experience providing eBusiness solutions has enabled us to develop what we call the AMDIG Process. The AMDIG Process is a five-step approach we engage to serve our clients:

LISTEN Our proven success is based on the fact that we always listen first to your objectives and business goals. Our keen Business Directors are tuned into the needs of all industries from Financial to Manufacturing and have knowledge of what will be important to you in your quest for a better bang out of your IT buck. By combining our five-step process and our quick, professional, cost-effective skills, we reduce our clients’ time-to-market and maximize the quality of our solutions.

ASSESS What are your legacy systems? What do you envision these technologies doing for you? American-Digital is a technology agnostic company putting what’s best for you in front of any particular vendor partnership we may have to satisfy. We’re partners with many and will give you an overall assessment of what you have already in place, technology wise, and what will be needed to reach your objectives gathered during the LISTEN phase.

DESIGN We’re equipped with an in-house strategy team, graphic design team, and a key development squad that have over and over again proven to imagine and create the best scenarios for our clients. Once the assessment is complete and you agree that we’re the company to provide your solution, we proceed to design the solution from soup to nuts, always keeping in mind your business objectives and budget. Our professional and ‘best-in-show’ Internet, Intranet, and Extranet designs have won numerous awards.

BUILD Now all’s in place to get to the nitty-gritty. Building your solution is a process that we take pride in. Because of our experience we can build on what you already have in place saving money everywhere from technology investment, to man-power hours to get you to where you want your company to be ebusiness wise. We are Custom Builders. Solutions out-of-the-box are not part of our methodology, because we’ve shown that the custom fit, in many cases, is more cost-effective than ready made solutions. We build conscientiously, quick, and professionally.

SUPPORT It’s not over when the initial work is complete. We continue to support your solutions, assist in the training of new users, as well as answer any ongoing questions you may have as long as – and beyond – the contracted relationship. American-Digital has been successful by going the extra mile for our clients. We understand that client satisfaction is the path to our future success.

Our business is growing your business. It's making sure you know all there is to know about what's going to give you the best ROI with your Internet, Intranet, or Extranet solution investment. You will speak to many Solution Providers and many times projects will be out of scope of your budget. They will convince you to spend a little more money to get what you have in mind and will try to do whatever it takes to evoke a positive emotion from you.

We believe that this energy should be saved for quick action to getting you up to speed with your objectives and goals. What you want to do is what's important to us. It's what we're concentrating on. Our ‘straight to the solution’ approach manifests with the first meeting aiming to at least discuss your immediate goals, pains, issues and challenges during a 30–45 minute session. American-Digital's Solution expertise falls into the three fundamental service disciplines; strategic, technical and creative. Professionals from each of the three disciplines work together to maximize the efficiency and speed of solution development utilizing the AMDIG Process. Combined with our industry experience and broad range of service offerings, our clients benefit from customized solutions based on their specific strategy, requirements, and infrastructure.

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