Project Management Solutions

At American-Digital our objective is to help you do a better job at what you do via customized solutions software. One of our specialities is Project Management Software.

Our custom designed project management software is currently in use by some lagre enterprises. At the Dubai Airport in the UAE (one of the worlds largest, best known, and most complex airports) project activities are driven by, and monitored by, software we developed. Other examples include, the beautiful new Jet Blue Terminal at JFK Airport and Delta Airlines.

No task is too big or too small. Despite the previous examples, we are plenty accustomed to working with smaller clients. Our operation is highly scalable so we are appropriately equipped and staffed to handle customers and missions of all sizes.

Our software strategy involves the use of various modules. This structure is not only logical and intuitively user-friendly, it allows for numerous options in terms of how simple or elaborate your custom software is designed. It also allows room to grow your software by adding complementary modules in the future.

Highest quality programming at the most competitive prices. Our unique business model wherein we utilize some of the best domestic and international programming talent (see IT Info and Bios Section) allows us to create very high quality work at the most cost-effective pricing.

Evaluation and consultation are critical and absolutely free of charge. Our goal is to understand your business, your needs, your pain points, so as to propose the most accurate and relevant solutions we can. Of course this process happens at no charge.

Ongoing support with minimal recurring costs. Although there may be certain fixed costs (like server costs) associated with our work we try to distinguish ourselves as the software solutions provider that doesn’t hit you with cumbersome monthly fees. At the same time our commitment to supporting you post-project is total. Our post-implementation goal is to provide you with all the service and support you need with recurring costs in the zero to nominal range.

Our customized project management software is both proprietary and specially tailored to your business. We develop tools that are precisely addressing your needs and that are exclusively yours.

Am-Dig is about modifying the wheel, but not reinventing it. We strive to provide solutions quickly and cost-effectively by working with previously developed templates. These efficiency gains translate to time and cost savings for you!

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