Maxell C90 Voice Grade Consumer Cassette

Maxell C90 Voice Grade Consumer Cassette from Am-Dig
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Maxell C90 Voice Grade Consumer Cassette
100 Tapes $102.96
50 Tapes $56.96
20 Tapes $27.96
10 Tapes $18.96
Maxell C90 Voice Grade Consumer Cassette

Maxell's Communicator Series of audio cassettes come packaged in Norelco style boxes with labels and case liners. Maxell audio cassettes provide dependable and accurate performance from one end of the tape to the other. Maxell's quality control specifications are 37% percent higher than industry standards. So, you relax, knowing that you'll continue to enjoy the audio cassette's results even after repeated editing.
  • 90-minute record time
  • Clear, five-screw shell
  • Unique, four-function leader tape that cleans all parts in the tape path, including the heads, for a full 5 seconds with no abrasion.

    It visibly indicates the tape's travel direction with simple colored arrows while also showing either the letter A or B printed on the leader so you immediately know which side of the tape you are about to use, preventing time-consuming recording errors.The C90 gives you an exact 5-seond cue at the start of the tape before recording begins, thus avoiding false starts while taping.
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    Maxell C90 Voice Grade
    Consumer Cassette
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