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  Ritek Ridata G04 (1-4X) Silver Matte DVD+R Spindle

Ritek Ridata G04 (1-4X) Silver Matte DVD+R Spindle
*Actual product may differ slightly from photo
RIDVPR4  Ritek Ridata G04 (1-4X) Silver Matte DVD+R Spindle  

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:

Ritek DVD+R (DVD Plus R) Blank Media 4X Certified

DVD+R is a high capacity multimedia data storage medium that can accommodate a complete movie on a single disc, content rich multimedia or very high quality multi-channel audio. DVD+R provide superb video, audio and data storage and access -- all on a single disc.

  • Write-once format DVD
  • Conform to DVD+R 4.7GB Basic Format Specifications version 1.0
  • Capacity : single sided , 4.7GB
  • Excellent compatibility with existing DVD-ROM and DVD-Video players
  • Recording time: 120 min (extended play 240 min)
  • Recording Speed: 1X ~ 4X
  • Silver matte on top with purple recording surface
  • Single format for both video and data storage
  • Utilizes superb premium organic dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality
  • Long archival and storage life
  • Very low recording error rate and low jitter
Compatibility for Ritek DVD+R 4X
DVD Burner Model Firmware Recording Speed
BenQ DW-822A B3IC 1X - 8X
BenQ DW-830A B4AB 1X - 8X
BenQ DW-1600A B5F9 1X - 4X
Cyber DX082D
14SB 1X - 8X
LG GSA-4081B A104 1X - 4X
LG GSA-4082B A206 1X - 4X
LG GSA-4120B A101 1X - 4X
Lite-On LDW-812S US0N 1X - 4X
Lite-On LDW-832S VS08 1X - 4X
Lite-On SHOW-1213S TS08 1X - 4X
NEC ND-2500A 1.07 1X - 4X
NEC ND-2510A 2.15 1X - 4X
Nutech DDW-082 B375 1X - 8X
OptoRite DD-0405 160E 1X - 8X
OptoRite DD-1203 110E 1X - 4X
Pioneer DVR-A07 LXA 1.18 1X - 4X
Plextor PX-708A 1.07 1X - 8X
Plextor PX-712A 1.03 1X - 8X
Sony DRU-530A/530UL 2.1b 1X - 4X
Sony DRU-540A 1.0a 1X - 4X
Sony DRU-700A VY05 1X - 4X
TDK AID+840G 1.07 1X - 8X
TDK AID+880N 1.34 1X - 4X

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