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  Tascam DA-98HR

Tascam DA-98HR
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TADA98HR  Tascam DA-98HR  Product is not available at this time. 

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:

For video production, the TASCAM's legendary DA-88 is a staple in the industry. The DA-98HR offers the next logical step, bringing 24 bit and high resolution recording to the DTRS format. The DA-98HR is fully backwards compatible, offering the ability to record and play the 16-bit tape format used in the DA-88.

The DA-98HR offers several key features that are absolutely necessary in a video application including 9-pin control, 8 channel AES/EBU digital I/O built-in, and Video Sync. The DA-98HR also offers more LEDs on the surface, showing complete information about the time code rate and sample rates (including pull up and pull down rates). The large LCD screen makes navigating the machine settings a breeze.

For live recording, the DA-98HR offers a "Confidence Monitoring" mode. This mode reverses the order of the record and play heads on the rotating drum, enabling the DA-98HR to monitor recording from tape.

The DA-98HR also offers built-in bit splitting capabilities. This means that you can use the DA-98HR to record 8 tracks of 48kHz, 4 tracks of 96kHz, or 2 tracks of 192kHz audio. The optional analog cards will run 96kHz; 192kHz audio will require external converters fed through the AES/EBU port.
Key Features of the DA-98HR:
SMPTE Time Code Chase & Generate
MTC (MIDI Time Code) Generation
Responds to MMC (MIDI Machine Control) Commands
Video Sync In/Thru
Word Sync In/Out/Thru
RS-422 Port (Sony P2 Control)
Parallel Control Port (Relay Driven)
TDIF Digital I/O
8 Channel AES/EBU Digital I/O (DB25)
Optional 96kHz Balanced DB25 Analog I/O
Built-In Bit Splitting For 96kHz and 192kHz Recording
Port for Optional MU-8824 Meter bridge
LCD Screen for Easy Settings
Confidence Monitoring (Monitor Tape While Recording)

Additional Features:
Records 8 Tracks of 24 Bit Audio to Hi8 Tape
16 Machine Sample Accurate Lock
Reads & Writes 16 Bit and 24 Bit DTRS Format
Track Slip from -200 to +7200 Samples
108 Minute Capacity on 120 Hi8 Tape
6% Varispeed Control

The Tascam DA-98HR ships directly from Tascam.

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