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Tascam DA-20mkII

Tascam DA-20mkII from Am-Dig
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Tascam DA-20mkII
TADA20  $849.96

Tascam DA-20mkII
The DA -20mkII is an affordable DAT recorder bringing the best of the DAT format to the home studio, project studio or budget minded professional. Digital I/O is provided on coaxial SPDIF connectors, with the ability to override SCMS code. Analog I/O is provided on RCA connectors. The machine can record and play back 44.1kHz and 48kHz tapes, as well as the long play 32kHz/12 bit format. Professional features like a margin counter and headphone output with level control are available on the front panel. The RC-D20 wireless remote is included.

3-U Rack Mount Design
Analog Unbalanced RCA I/O
SPDIF (Coaxial) Digital I/O
Headphone Output w/ Level Control
Margin Counter Display Mode
Provides 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz recording
Selectable SCMS Status
Supports Track Names in DAT Subcode
Timer Record/Repeat Play Functions
Wireless Remote Included (RC-D20)

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