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Pioneer HDJ-500K: DJ Headphones - Black

Pioneer HDJ-500K: DJ Headphones - Black from Am-Dig
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Pioneer HDJ-500K: DJ Headphones - Black
PRHD500K  $99.00
Pioneer HDJ-500K: DJ Headphones - Black

The HDJ-500 Professional DJ headphones are designed for exceptional fidelity, style, comfort and affordability. These headphones provide maximum performance and versatility for any type of use, from DJing to casual listening. Refined Design: The HDJ-500 DJ headphones adapt the styling and performance cues of Pioneer's top-of-the-line HDJ-2000 headphones. Designed with maximum comfort and reliability in mind, the HDJ-500 headphones use comfortable urethane pads for the ears that allow the headphones to mold around the user's head and ears for a snug and slip-resistant fit. Furthermore, the urethane pads are wrapped in great quality leather, providing greater feel and extended comfort. The main structure of the headphones is crafted of magnesium alloy for light weight and durability, making them great for travel and long periods of use. The Sound Difference. The HDJ-500's stylish design is matched with great sound quality providing clear audio reproduction, especially in the critical low and mid frequency ranges that are key for remixing. By combining 40 mm diameter drivers, thick 19 Ám (micrometers) diaphragm and a copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coil, the headphones can efficiently reproduce the lower frequency audio range. Snare and kick drum sounds are more clear making it easier for even the most novice DJs to match the tempo of tracks. Versatility For maximum flexibility during performances, the HDJ-500 features a rotating arm structure that allows the user to rotate the right earpiece forward and back by as much as 60 degrees. At that position, the flexible headband maintains enough side pressure to allow the DJ to listen to audio on just one side of the headphones. The headphones include two interchangeable cords providing freedom of movement during performances. The traditional 1.2 meter coiled cord (extends to 3m) is perfect for regular DJ performances, while the 1 meter straight cord is ideal for leisure listening.

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