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Welcome to The American-Digital Business Center - Milford's way to ship, print and get things done.  Conveniently located at 415 Boston Post Road (across from the Police Station), Am-Dig offers a wide range of shipping services, printing services, supplies and more.
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Products and Services
Boxes & Cartons
We have a plethora of boxes and cartons in stock at all times in the most commonly needed sizes. Additionally, we stock several specialty boxes for shipping skis, suitcases, golf clubs and more.
Construction Management
We have developed interfaces used in various construction phases and operational readiness at dozens of airports around the world. This includes some high profile project like the Dubai Airport, the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK and the Toronto Airport.
Delivery on Demand
Part of our White Glove Delivery service, Delivery on Demand lets you decide when you would like your packages to arrive. Never worry about your packages sitting outside in the elements and and in plain sight of thieves.
DHL Shipping
The worldwide leader in international shipping is available at our business center. We can help you ship at a fair price OR provide a form to fill out using your existing account number OR you can drop off prepaid parcels right here.
Our Digital Interactive and Collaborative Ecosystem is a public project/task management system available to our customers at no charge. All we ask is some good solid feedback on how we can continue making it better for you and others.
Digital Mailboxes
Not your ordinary mailbox. Unlike traditional PO Boxes (found at the Post Office) or those found in many shipping stores, ours are digital. When your mail comes in, we scan it for you to view and decide what we should do with it. We can do a complete scan, hold for pickup or dispose of it via secure cross cut shredding.
Are you selling on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay, but don't have an ecommerce site of your own? If so, you may be spending 10%, 15% even 20% of your hard earned revenue on their commissions. We can show you how to start saving by selling directly to your customers.
YES people still fax. Oftentimes, medical records and other important documents must get transmitted this way. Bring in your paperwork and we'll send it where it needs to go. Afterwards, we'll provide you with printed documentation that it was sent. We can receive faxes as well.
FedEx Shipping
We are happy to be a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter (FASC). As such, we offer all the benefits to our valued customer including prices usually lower than most other walk in centers, a printed recipt when you drop off prepaid parcels and plenty of supplies for express shipments.
Package Drop Offs
During business hours, we accept prepaid FedEx, USPS or DHL packages. Don't have a prepaid label? Use your account number and fill out a shipping form. No account number? We can make the label for you for a fair price.
Packaging Services
In a rush? Don't want to deal with packing up your shipment? Let us do it for you. Bring in what you're sending and our agent will provide you with a quote to do the work. Once you give us the thumbs up, we'll pack it as if it's our own.
Packaging Materials
In addition to our many boxes and cartons, we have other essentials like tape, packing peanuts, blank newspaper, bubble wrap, box cutters, tape guns and more.
Point of Sale Systems
Nowadays, if your business is retail, then you need a POS system. There are many out there and you should look at as many as possible. However, a trusted local provider with a proven track record should be near the top of your list. Let us show you how we can help your business.
Printing Services
Not only do we offer high quality printing at reasonable prices, we can do it FAST. Small/medium jobs can be done within an hour. Use our online form for a quote and ordering. You can also upload your materials to save you a trip here.
Progamming/Coding Services
Think about what you need to make your business run more efficiently. Chances are, one of the first things you thought of was something to do with modifying or replacing some of youe software. We can help you either way. Sometimes just a few tweaks can get an old program running like new.
Project Management Systems
As indicated above, our aviation construction management systems have long been the cornerstone of our work. From that, we are able to customize and develop specialized project/task management applications tailored to any need.
Software Development
Have an idea for a mobile app? Maybe you want integrate your existing backend system into an easy to use interface allowing your staff to work more efficiently off site or even at home. We're great listeners and even better developers.
IT Services
When did the world become so complicated? To some, even a new phone or tablet can be scary. It's not like you can turn these on and start using them. There's set up, installing the needed apps properly and ensuring your privacy is protected as much as possible. We can help with this and much more.
USPS Shipping
As a USPS Approved Shipper, we can accept you prepaid parcels and provide you with most USPS services. Come on in and we'll show what we can do for you.
Web Development
Have an idea for a mobile app? Is your existing site looking a little old or not optimized for mobile devices? Let us have a look and see how we can make it better for you, your employees and customers.
Web Hosting
What are you paying to have your website hosted? If it's more than $10/month, then you should take a look at our services. We offer a full slate of web hosting services and support - all at prices sure to put a smile on your face.
White Glove Delivery
We accept your packages at our location and deliver it you when it is convenient for you. Never worry about your packages sitting outside in the elements and and in plain sight of thieves.
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